MR : L


 Born and raised in Somerset  UK  he's had a passion for music since he can remember. 
 His parents played music around the house from artists including  Van Morrision , Chris Rea , James Last , Tina Tuner , Simply Red , John Lee Hooker , Elvis Presley , Abba and Earth Wind & Fire .
 Growing up with older sisters also meant he was exposed to more underground music such as Helter Skelter mix tapes from the early 90s as well as jungle , r&b and techno.
 Once he was at school his passion for music grew even more. House music was where it all began for MR:L, playing it on his walkman all day, everyday! His love for dance music grew even more when garage blew up in the UK, a time when he thought he would love to become a DJ...
 He also discovered hip hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest , Method Man , 2 Pac , Biggy and Naz . Listening to hip hop showed him how much influence funk, soul, jazz, swing and the blues had on these artists so he dug a little deeper into these other genres. Unknown to him at the time this journey would prove to be priceless in a quest for the tunes and artists that he holds so dear today. Greats like Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, and Billy Holiday can be found today taking pride of place in MR:L's vast arsenal of tunes. 
 Jump to 2003, the first time he heard high contrast - return of forever on Hospital Records, he could not believe what he was hearing! From then on, drum & bass was fully in his life. Amazingly, drum & bass contained all the genres of music he had listened to in past! After checking out what dnb had to offer he then decided it was time to save for his first DJ set up and start mixing.
 After homing his craft for a few years his was ready to show his talents out on the club scene. His first break was at a local night club to him, playing at regular nights and learning how to play the crowd. Playing these events showed some Bristol promotors that he was ready to come to the city and play . Once he played in Bristol he scored resident slots at Ninetree and Nebula playing there every other month. One night at a Ninetree event Ben Soundscape, one part of the insiders who runs the successful club night Intrigue asked him to come and play at one of his events. After playing his first set there he became resident for intrigue and still is to this day…..
 Also getting sets @ Glastonbury Festival and The Boomtown Fair with the Deep Space team, there is no stopping MR:L right now!

 With roots in Somerset UK Milligan had been taken to the early free parties and raves by his parents so has always been around live music. From a young age he was into dance music which then led to a love for drum and bass. As he approached his teens, like many other teenagers in britain he got into hip hop listening to the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Dre, Ice Cube, J Dilla. Busta Rhymes Eminem, Big L (rest in peace) and big pun. 

 At the start of his dnb raving career he watched Mampi Swift  in Wells and many others at Slamming Vinyl, held at the Bath and West show ground in Shepton Mallet. This is where his interest started but would soon prove to be slightly to aggressive for his taste so he would seek a different vibe. 

 It wasn't until he met Sleepylion and MR:L when his interest grew into a passion. As a trio they attended many drum and bass nights  in Bristol. There was a huge love for the scene and a big respect for the dis they went to watch, so it was only a matter of time before Millstone would make the switch to the other side of the decks. The moment when he had his heart set on becoming a dj can be pinpointed to Glastonbury Festival 2013, in the 3 hour Sleepylion b2b MR:L set. The atmosphere was electric that night and he knew his place was behind the decks. 

 Dedication was a key factor in his surprisingly quick progress in this art form and within two years of buying his first set up he was a resident at club night Intrigue. Festivals at this point were still a massive part of his life but now simply attending would turn into performing at them, an achievement of which he feels truly blessed.

 Gigs he can tick off the list include Glastonbury Festival, The Boomtown Fair, Field Trip, MIB (Malta), In-depth and of course 'Deep Space presents'.

 He is one of the three founding members of Deep Space Records UK. Over the last couple of years he has been learning the craft of drum and bass production in preparation for his first release.  Watch this space.


 SleepyLion (James Davidson). Born in 1987 and raised in Leigh on Mendip near Bristol. He is one of five Deep Space Members and one of three founding members. He, like the rest of the DS crew is a dj and promoter but also dabbles in film making and is at the forefront of the live visuals at Deep Space nights. Before Deep Space Records UK there was 'Fucking Right Records', back in those days we didnt take ourselves too seriously.

 In 2012 SleepyLion launched FRTV, a series of mixes recorded with video to showcase our djs skills plus quirky and random intros to entertain. This series of four FRTV videos would lay the foundations for Fucking Right Records and then Deep Space Records UK as we know it today.

 In 2013 along with MR:L and MillStone he founded Deep Space Records UK (DSUK) and by the summer of that year Deep Space had landed in The Park at Glastonbury Festival. The Treehouse was the venue where on Sunday night to close the festival SleepyLion went B2B with Mr:L in a 3 hour set. He has since returned to Glastonbury and played Boom Town, Sunrise and Once Upon a Time in the West as well as Bristol and Frome clubs/ pubs.

 In late 2015 SleepyLion masterminded the Creatures of Deep Space night, 14 hours of art, music and fire to raise money for mental health charity mind tws. Artists donating there work for auction included Rodney Matthews, Paul Boswell and Cage One. Over £1400 was raised from art and door takings. This was part one, in 2017 Creatures of Deep Space 2 raised a further £1600 for Mind tws. On a SleepyLion mix you can expect a jungle/ intelligent dnb hybrid plus breaks, funk, hip hop, soul and Reggae.


Hailing from West London, Prad has always held drum & bass close to his heart. First Introduced to jungle-dnb in spring 1994 when his classmates played him a DJ Hype Slammin' Vinyl mixtape, that first listen spawned an instant love for the genre. The raw energy, tempo and feel good vibe was unlike anything he'd ever heard! 
Hours and hours went by each week feeding his new-found hunger via more mixtapes shared at the playground and late nights recording pirate stations in his bedroom. In retrospect, this was seen as doing his homework, learning the ways of the jungle & dnb sound. 
As the years went by, Prad became fully immersed in the full spectrum of dnb from the hypnotising soundscapes of Bukem, Source Direct, Photek and Goldie's Timeless Album to Bristol bass influenced V Recordings / Philly Blunt & Dope Dragon sound. Despite not owning turntables at the time, Prad started spending his pocket money on vinyls knowing the day would come when he will play them on his own setup. 
By the turn of the millennium, Prad really started to appreciate the bass-heavy side of dnb most notably from Dillinja, which soon became his stand-out preference of dnb style. This cultivated his hunger to feel real bass when going out raving. It's something he tries to put across in his mixes. Warmth and punch with plenty of vibes.

20 years later and Prad's love for dnb has not wavered one bit. Not a day goes by without listening to dnb, whether it be mixing at home or simply listening to it at work or on his travels. Dnb runs closest to his heart as it has always been the soundtrack to his life.


 He fell in love with Drum & Bass at the young age of 15 looking up to the likes of Ashatack, Ed Rush & Optical, Friction, Kenny Ken, Hype and Nicky Blackmarket. He attended his first rave by the age of 17 and since then has never looked back. Upon purchasing his first setup the  age of 20 he hasn't stopped mixing since.

 He started playing at local free parties, pubs & clubs. A notable highlight being Bris-tek at the Black Swan (Bristol) back at the end of 2013. Other big nights included the second of the Deep Space Records UK nights, a May bank holiday special, at basement 45 (Bristol) ft Amoss and T>I back in May 2015, not to mention various other nights in Gloucester, Lydney, Newport, Chepstow, Somerset & Bristol.

 Over the years he has slowly found the right style of music that suits him best, discovering certain labels like Dispatch Recordings, Horizons music, Shogun Audio, Flexout Audio, Liquid V and Commercial Suicide to name a few.

 He is now a resident dj on (Belgium) playing 2 hours of upfront drum & bass from 8pm-10pm every Wednesday, and has also gained a residency on (America) playing a 2 hour slot every Monday from 8pm-10pm plus random slots on (Brazil).