Deep Space Wedding!


  For the last few years we have been providing the full wedding DJ package. We have been to too many weddings where the 'special day' was really let down by some crappy wedding DJ and his ancient equipment playing Steps and Robbie Williams. It doesn't have to be this way.

 We have professional  equipment and years of multi genre DJing experience behind us.

Contact us on Facebook or ring 07716643453 for a quote and more info.

Equipment available for hire includes.

  • Dj booth

  • DJ mixer, Turntables, CDJs

  • Speakers and Subs - up to 13k

  • Lights - still and moving, all colours

  • Lasers

  • Smoke machine / Bubble machine

  • Fairy lights and decor

  • Big library of dnb, disco, reggae, funk, hip hop, breaks and much more. (anything on request)

Featured mixes
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Deep Space podcast vol 49
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SleepyLion Minimix vol 8
The making of 'the bee'

Bees are an important part of the natural environment but sometimes we take them for granted. Maybe it’s because we don’t realise how important they really are?


They pollinate our plants which means they carry pollen between plants of different sexes to fertilise them, or even between different parts of the same plant, which help plants reproduce. Bees even help plants survive by preventing inbreeding.

Of course they are not the only pollinators but they are the single most important and a key player in our ecosystem.

The honey bee is a mini legend and it only seemed right to pay tribute to it at our Deep Space Presents night. Check out the gallery below for an in depth look at how a model bee was made for our ever evolving decor.

Deep Space Presents Randall - Review

 Happy new year! It's been a very enjoyable year for us and great to have Praderz on board the good ship Deep Space for our final event of the year. The first ever Deep Space Christmas party went down on 22nd of December at 23 Bath street, Frome. Featuring a stellar cast of DJs and on the Friday most finished work for the year, we had a feeling it would be a popular night.


 So the script was written, the stage was set and the finest drum and bass tracks were loaded onto laptops and usb sticks waiting to be unleashed through the upgraded DS sound system. Thank you to Randall, T>I and Ben Soundscape for playing, you can see from the pictures they enjoyed it as much as we did. As expected unreleased tracks and crowd favourites wrapped up nicely with the skills and experience of these three maestros.



There was a huge demand for tickets and with just 50 on the door we were at capacity before 23:00. It's bittersweet knowing the venues full of happy people but not great for those left out in the cold! BUY A TICKET IN ADVANCE, it's the best way! Not only is it cheaper but in the event of a sell out, like this one, you are guaranteed entry. 


There are clips from the event floating around our media outlets already but there will be a promo video for this event at some point soon. If you want to see how it went down now the official pictures of the night taken by Mike Jackson can be found in our gallery.


 As always we freshened up the decor (Christmas themed  this time of course) and as mentioned a new sub and speaker combo. The venues had a massive refurb with a new bar and pool room proving a hit. Because its such a great space and the staff are all on point we will be meeting with them soon to arrange some more dates there. Stay tuned for updates. Finally a big thank you to all the ravers who made it out for this. We love you all.

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Creatures of Deep Space 2 update >>>>

 The final amount raised on March 10th at the Creatures of Deep Space charity art exhibition and auction was £1658.77! The winners have now all been contacted and have their art, so congratulations if you are one of them and if not please try again next time. A big thank you to all of the artists and everyone involved. With the money from the first event and this years our new total amount raised for Mind now stands at .......

Creatures of Deep Space 2 - review

 What a night! After months of planning and hard work our charity fundraiser came and went in a flash. If you missed out or just want to look back on the madness then check out our gallery for the official photos. It's looking like we have raised a nice amount for Mind. Look out for event updates for the final figure.

  There were so many people involved in making this night such an outstanding success, from artists who donated their work for auction, the djs, Photographers, graffiti crew and venue staff. Forgive me for not naming this team of generous contributors, there's so many! A large portion of the cash raised was generated by the door takings, so thank you if you came down on the night, your money will be well spent helping people in Somerset maintain a better mental health.

The winners of the charity auction will be announced as soon as we have sorted through the bids. If you are a lucky winner then thank you from Deep Space and Mind TWS for contributing to the two projects we were fundraising for, Mindline Somerset and Somerset Suicide Bereavement Support Service.

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